Artist Norleen Nosri created a tea set, epic in scale and ambition, for the city hall as part of Columbia, Missouri’s Percent for Art program.

In this video, she discusses her goal of fostering social interaction through the ritual of enjoying tea.

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Her ceramic pieces are aesthetically beautiful on an individual basis, but they also come together to symbolize the community—and to promote a sense of community in a very tangible way.  In that way, Communitea is not only a ceramic work, but also includes aspects of performance and installation art—bridging traditional and contemporary concerns.

Columbia, Missouri is among many other cities promoting arts and culture since the 1980s and 1990s with a Percent for Art program.  It means that one percent of the budget for any municipal building project is spent on public, site-specific art.  These programs have been an effective way to support local artists and promote awareness of the arts in Missouri cities and across the nation.

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