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End-of-Semester Show at KCAI

One of my favorite twice-annual events is the end-of-semester show at the Kansas City Art Institute.  It takes me back to my student days (and nights) of bonding with my classmates over Quik Trip coffee while working hard (and playing hard) in studio to make our best possible work before the final critique.  These days, […]

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Five Life Skills Learned in Art School

Think a BFA or MFA is useless?  Think again.  It may not translate immediately into a high-paying job, but it gives one a toolbox of creativity that will last a lifetime.  Just because nobody wants to pay you to paint full-body portraits of Rod Stewart surrounded by strawberries doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that […]

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Arty Halloween

Halloween is the most magical time of the year for artists and creative types.  Since we don’t get out of school or work for this most joyous occasion (although we should), I try to encourage my students to come to class on Halloween (or the day before or day after) by offering a few extra […]

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Women in the Arts: The Importance of Expanding the Canon

“I find it very sad that in 2013, we still feel the need to even have a Women in Art class. Why, oh why, can’t we just include female artists in with all of the traditional big names, and just call them artists? Janson, Kliener, I’m talking to you!” …This was a comment on my […]

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Women in Art

The class I’m teaching this semester is called Topics in Art & Gender Studies: Women in Art.  This is my second time teaching this particular course.  I loved it last year, but I’m loving it even more this time around because my students are so amazing.  I get the sense that they feel invested in […]

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Adjuncts Deserve Living Wages.

The exploitation of—and over-reliance on—part-time college instructors has been highlighted after a tragic event led to an opinion piece that went viral and eventually made headlines.  Margaret Mary Vojtko taught French for 25 years at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  She scraped by on about $10,000 a year with no health insurance until, after two and […]

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Millennials Don’t Feel Like Special Unicorns.

By now you may have seen the cutesy editorial about why Millennials are unhappy.  Basically, it says that we’ve each been raised to believe that we’re special, so our actual careers have not been able to live up to our expectations and that social media encourages us to compare ourselves to the inflated images of […]

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Museums and Classrooms

Museums and Classrooms—these have always been my favorite places, and being lucky enough to work in both, I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersections between the two.  Both, ideally, are sites where learning occurs, and both have been working to compete with an ever-expanding entertainment sector, as well as new arenas of knowledge (eg: […]

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