Use your credit card wisely, and you’re on the way to a great credit score. Find out which credit cards will make a positive impact on your credit score and see for yourself.

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CALL VISA, MC, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, or your credit card issuer to request a free Credit Score Report today.

Contact a leading credit card company about your credit report.

Look for the ‘Verified by Visa’ stamp on the back of your credit card to ensure you’re using your card responsibly.

How your score affects you

Your score can have a significant impact on your credit score. Your score is usually calculated by dividing your number of credit accounts by the number of credit cards you have. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rates.

Some people say a credit score is more important than all other factors when they’re shopping for a new car, apartment, home, car, student loan, business loan, or other high-interest product.

The lower your credit score, the lower the interest rates. The higher your score, the more you have to pay back in interest and fees.

As your credit score goes up, you’ll experience more favorable terms and rates on your debt. In the long run, the lower your credit score, the better the interest rates on your credit card balances. You can visit to get all the details.

Your credit report reflects your financial history, including accounts that have been cleared. All consumer information on your credit report is confidential, except your name, Social Security number, address, and payment history. These items are protected by law and can’t be changed without your consent. To access this report, go to your credit card issuer’s website and look for the “No Credit Inquiry” box in the next to the credit card logo.

The monthly credit card statement from your credit card issuer will be a detailed record of all the transactions you make. Go to the “Report History” section of the statement and make note of every purchase you’ve made. You’ll also need to include a balance due and date for all transactions that are past due, and an approximate total amount you owe for all outstanding debts.

There are several credit reporting companies, each with its own processes and software, and it may be difficult for you to compare one company’s information to another. To help you shop for the best credit score, we have created a review tool that can help you understand your current credit score and compare it with the information you see when you enter your name and Social Security number into the Credit Bureau website.

Equifax is a credit reporting agency based in Atlanta. It’s the nation’s largest credit bureau, reporting to six different federal consumer reporting agencies. Credit reports are used by lenders to evaluate creditworthiness of those applying for credit, which in turn could lead to higher interest rates and charges.

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