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Women in the Arts: The Importance of Expanding the Canon

“I find it very sad that in 2013, we still feel the need to even have a Women in Art class. Why, oh why, can’t we just include female artists in with all of the traditional big names, and just call them artists? Janson, Kliener, I’m talking to you!” …This was a comment on my […]

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Women in Art

The class I’m teaching this semester is called Topics in Art & Gender Studies: Women in Art.  This is my second time teaching this particular course.  I loved it last year, but I’m loving it even more this time around because my students are so amazing.  I get the sense that they feel invested in […]

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Adjuncts Deserve Living Wages.

The exploitation of—and over-reliance on—part-time college instructors has been highlighted after a tragic event led to an opinion piece that went viral and eventually made headlines.  Margaret Mary Vojtko taught French for 25 years at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  She scraped by on about $10,000 a year with no health insurance until, after two and […]

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Millennials Don’t Feel Like Special Unicorns.

By now you may have seen the cutesy editorial about why Millennials are unhappy.  Basically, it says that we’ve each been raised to believe that we’re special, so our actual careers have not been able to live up to our expectations and that social media encourages us to compare ourselves to the inflated images of […]

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My Favorite Movies About Art

Inspired by my recent review of Museum Hours, here are my top 5 all-time favorite art movies. 5.  Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2003 Based on the novel by Tracy Chevalier, this is romantic speculation about Vermeer’s life and creative inspiration: completely fictionalized but it’s a feast for the eyes.  The filtered light and saturated […]

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Fire-Breathing Dragon Protects Detroit Institute of Arts

What do you do when your city’s priceless art collection is threatened?  Get all Medieval.  On Thursday night, the Detroit Institute of Arts was guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.  True story.  The 40-foot-long fire-breathing reptile was the masterwork of Detroit artist Ryan C. Doyle and Hong Kong-born Teddy Lo, who drove it (complete with couches […]

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Film Review: Museum Hours

Last night I saw Museum Hours at the Tivoli, Kansas City’s best art-house movie theater.  My friend Nicky and I really enjoyed this unique film that is all about connections between fine art and daily life.  The guy who sold us our tickets said that he also enjoyed it but that some people walked out […]

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